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 Wasteland @ Wanna Play 03MAY2009

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PostSubject: Wasteland @ Wanna Play 03MAY2009   24/3/2009, 12:18 pm


The year is 2277. It has been two hundred years since the Great War bathed the world in nuclear fire. No countries remain, only broken wastelands where scattered survivors struggle against a dark and barren world. It is a place where a man’s life is cheaper than a gallon of clean water; where roving bands of raiders and super mutants rule the wild lands between the small and scattered settlements that remain. It is into this land that you have been born. It doesn’t matter if you were born in the scarred landscape of the wastes or within the chemically sanitized walls of a high-tech Vault, your goal is the same. Only one thing matters to anyone now and that is survival, by any means and at any cost.

Welcome to the bright and shining future, the world of our Tomorrow. Welcome to the Wasteland.



Only a small percentage of the world population made it into the Vault-Tech Vaults that had been prepared and designed against the perceived inevitability of nuclear annihilation. Within the vaults, people had clean air and water and sustainable sources of food. Laws were strict and life was rigidly structured, for this promoted an efficiently ordered, if not joyful existence.

Low on supplies and food, the General (commander of vault 115) has ordered a return to the surface. The residents of the Vault believed that the world would heal and rebuild during their time underground. They were wrong.

If you believe in the order that comes from a strong and structured society…. Or maybe if you just believe it’s a good idea to bring a Mark V Blaster to a knife fight – Vault 115 is the team for you…



This gang rose to power in the Wastes because it was more vicious and effective than the next mob – surviving by working for the highest bidder and taking any jobs that came along. They took what they wanted when they needed it, not caring one way or the other for rules or laws along the way. This made them many enemies.

The Brotherhood is numerous and their current leader Kristov rules them well. But they need power to survive in the wastes, they need technology. The gang grows more desperate as supplies begin to dwindle and each one of them knows that unless things change, it's only a mater of time.

If you believe in taking what you want instead of asking. If you believe strength is what makes men great. Or maybe if you’re just a mean and cruel SOB – The Brotherhood is the team for you.


ROUNDS - Wasteland will be played in individual battles (each lasting up to an hour), with breaks of 10-15 minutes between each engagement. There are six battles in the scenario.
OBJECTIVES - Each round will have a varying number of objectives based on the story behind the battle. Taking, Defending or Carrying these objectives will score your team points.
POINTS - Each team will be scored on their performance in each battle, based on the number of objectives obtained. At the end of the day, the team with the most points will be declared the winner.
RESOURCES - Starting with the 4th round of the scenario, team Commanders can spend points on various bits of technology and other goods that can assist their team in the coming battles. These points must be spent carefully because once spent, they are removed from the team total.


$30.00 PRE-REGISTERED by 5/1/09, $35.00 on the day of the event.

SPECIAL OFFER: For every 5 people registered in your group, you get an additional registration for FREE!

If you have a team preference (Vault 115 or brotherhood), please let us know when you call. We may ask that you consider switching teams, depending on current registrations.

CALL 717-432-7997 TO REGISTER

$45.00 PER CASE. This event is FPO (Field paint only) and you must buy your paint at the field, on the day of the event.

While you are welcome to bring your own food and drink (no alcoholic beverages allowed), the Wanna Play snack bar will be open for lunch during the event.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasteland @ Wanna Play 03MAY2009   24/3/2009, 1:15 pm

this one will be cool
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Wasteland @ Wanna Play 03MAY2009
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