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 Living Legends is Next

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PostSubject: Living Legends is Next   30/4/2010, 2:07 am

Memorial day weekend, we are leaving at like 2 am on Friday morning, we've already booked a room for my family. If anyone wants info on the hotel we are at just call. Deadline for registration is May 15th.

Does anyone have a preference as to which side we're going to play for? Brimmstone from Blue's crew invited us to play for the Blues Bros. and I found out tonite that Ryan and they guys from Thunder Bay Pump Club will also be running with the Band.

On the other hand it seems as the guys from the Knight Stalkers are working for the Man.

Any thoughts?

"Few men are killed by the bayonet, many are scared by it. Bayonets should be fixed when the fire fight starts"
- General George Patton Jr, "War as I knew it" 1947
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Living Legends is Next
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